Face Procedures

HotButton-FaceNo one can escape the effects of aging. As we get older, there are several changes that occur that alter one’s facial appearance. Chronic sun exposure can lead to color changes and fine lines in the skin. Also, there are several structural changes that contribute to the signs of aging. These include a loss of volume within the face, changes in the elasticity of the skin and a loss of bony support for the facial structures.

Different approaches are required to address all these changes. Generalized fine lines and wrinkles in the skin are typically managed with skin care, and if severe enough, will require some form of skin resurfacing. This can be accomplished with either lasers or chemical peels.

When the inherent elasticity of the skin decreases, the soft tissues of the face will drop due to gravitational forces. This can lead to loss of fullness around the cheek bones, the creation of jowls around the mouth, and banding and excess skin around the neck. The eyes in particular are a region that will show many of these changes.

The management of these issues depends heavily on your own specific facial characteristics. A drop in the position of the brow can be corrected using endoscopic techniques. In this approach, Dr. Undavia uses small incisions and endoscopes to release and lift the brow in a more youthful position. With this technique, there is significantly less pain and downtime, and the scars are hidden.

Sagging skin around the upper eyes is treated by removing this excess skin. Puffy areas underneath the eyes can be treated by reducing these “fat pads” and re-draping them around your cheeks. This will not only remove these “bags," but also add volume to the cheeks, creating a natural, youthful contour.

Excessive jowls around the mouth and skin laxity are best treated with a rhytidectomy (or Facelift). In this procedure, the skin and underlying soft tissues are repositioned into a more natural and youthful position. This will also help the areas underneath the chin and in the neck. The required incisions are placed in areas that are camouflaged to maximize the cosmetic outcome.  

Finally, an important adjunct to facial rejuvenation surgery is fat-grafting. A loss of volume in key areas within the face is a critical factor in aging. There are several different ways to address this. A facelift alone will redistribute the volume to some degree. Facial fillers are also an excellent and safe way to replace the volume in the face, but most of these products are temporary and need to be repeated every 6-24 months. In fat grafting, a minimal amount of fat is harvested from your own body, and using small syringes, placed back in the face. By using your own fat, there is less chance of rejection or reaction. In general, 40-50% of the harvested fat will survive and be permanent.

Whatever your concerns are, Dr. Undavia prides himself on his ability to listen and address his patients’ needs. Call today to schedule a complimentary consulation!